Hints and Tips

Being able to shoot well depends on a number of things from correct arrow selection, mental approach, equipment set-up, correct shot technique etc. This page will offer advice on all of the above, plus more, to get you shooting to the best of your ability. Remember, if you are unsure of advice on this page or have any other queries not covered on here, please ask a club coach or your Archery shop.

Arrow Selection

Having your arrow the correct length and spine is very important. For example, if the spine of your arrow is incorrect, your accuracy will suffer. In this section, there is advice on all things to help you choose the correct arrow spine and length for your bow.

Easton spine chart - this chart advises on how to set your correct arrow length and choose the correct spine for your arrows, Please note this is for Easton arrows only.


Bow/Arrow Tuning

It is essential to have your bow/arrows tuned. A basic level of tuning will improve your archery experience no end. The guide below will assist in and explain the levels of tuning to you. Do not attempt all of the advice in this leaflet at the same time. Set your bow up and then , for example, paper tune your bow. Once this is done, plot your arows and adjust your bow set up as necessary, and so on.........

Basic tuning for the general club archer please use pages 1 to 10.

More advanced archer/tuning please see the sections on 'Fine' and 'Micro' tuning

Tuning_guide and Maintenance - Bow and Arrows 


Aids to assist in Tuning

Arrow Plotting Sheet - Used to plot your arrows when tuning.

Fitness and Technique

http://www.aim4sport.com/a4sweb/archerygb-drills-and-skills - Copy and paste this URL into a web page to see videos of excercises improve/maintain your shot technique.

(Click on the pics below to enlarge)

          Warm Ups                                                                        Feet Position and Stance

Beginners Archery - Warm up Exercices    Beginners Archery - Stance & Nock

          Bow Hand Position                                              Finger 'hook' on the string

Archery Beginners - Bow Hand     Beginners Archery - Fingers